Equine-Assisted Therapy

At RDP, we use a ground-based equine therapy approach that is used to facilitate personal development and growth. Equine-assisted work often helps clients change and grow more effectively and quickly than traditional clinical and psycho-educational approaches.

Counseling Services

Rancho Del Pacifico (RDP) was created in a healing environment to meet the needs of our youth, young adults and families who are experiencing concerns related to life transitions related to age, social determinants, emotional distress, mental health disorders, substance abuse disorders and other stressors. At RDP, we use creative therapies and evidenced-based approaches to help our clients achieve the life goals they want to realize.

Screening and Assessment Services

Rancho Del Pacifico (RDP) offers mental health screening and assessment services to assist individuals and families with treatment options and recommendations, based on the results of the screening and assessment. These services are provided by a licensed mental health professional. Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Thursday, 8am-4pm, and Fridays 8am-2pm. Weekend and evening hours are available upon request.

Group Activity

– Parenting By the Barn –

Thursdays 6 – 7 PM


– Equine Leadership Classes –

Mondays and Wednesdays 5 – 6:30 PM

– Teen Anxiety Group –

Tuesdays 4:30 – 5:30 PM

Animal Activity

RDP has focused animal activity programs that promote emotional well-being, as well as responsibility and character building. RDP has focused animal activity programs which very in topic from animal grooming and care, farmhouse chores, preparation and feeding sessions, as well as animal education, yoga with goats and animal interaction times.

Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Rancho Del Pacifico (RDP) offers meditation and mindfulness training. These activities promote stress-reduction, mental clarity, skills training to reduce feelings of anxiety, and as a result overall improved feelings of wellness. These 30 to 60 minute classes are designed to teach relaxation techniques for overall wellness and health. Group and individual sessions are available. All group classes are on the calendar, and individual sessions are available by calling our office for an appointment.

Leadership, Personal Development
and Employer Workshop Programs

Looking for a unique venue to host your next leadership retreat? RDP offers ground-based, equine-assisted workshops for companies, teams, and leaders. This is an experiential workshop or session designed to help create situations in which individuals and teams respectfully find insights into their individual and team dynamics, and subsequently work together to find solutions or ways to strengthen themselves or their teams. Horses, as part of the workshop leadership team, create experiences for participants that they will not forget. This is a popular event for companies for team building, strategic planning and personal development.

For group sessions, please plan to schedule at least 60 days in advance. For individual, personal development sessions, please call our office to schedule.

Job Skills Training

RDP offers individual and group-based sessions for those who are requesting employment preparation skills and support. RDP has relationships with local charities and animal rescue sites to provide volunteer services. The individual will work with an RDP Skills Training Coach in an individual or group session to learn job-readiness skills which includes; organizational skills, interviewing skills, communication and team work skills, as well as timeliness and quality of work focus.

Some of the skill-building activities on the ranch will include gardening, meal preparation and cooking, animal care, cleaning and general property maintenance.

When an individual meets their skills training goals, they may choose to apply for a supported employment opportunity with RDP. If hired, they will be a assigned a Skills Training Coach to support them in maintaining their paid employment activities on the ranch.