The EAGALA Model

What is the EAGALA Model?

EAGALA is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that promotes equine-assisted experiential psychotherapy.

Why does EAGALA work?

Putting the EAGALA model to work for our clients creates an atmosphere of healing and understanding; and requires a team to succeed! The team must include a licensed Mental Health Professional, a qualified Equine Specialist, and a horse or horses. That team works in tandem, using care, respect, and space in all sessions. Horses often bring the peace needed to create an environment that fosters growth and introspection, while the Mental Health Professional and Equine Specialist collaborate to provide support, unbiased insight, and structure.

Why horses?

Horses are prey animals, which means that they are very sensitive to mood, highly alert, and incredibly insightful when it comes to reading body language and other forms of non-verbal communication. This makes horses the perfect mirror to help identify a client’s internal struggles and sources of pain. Horses become symbols for relationships, fears, dreams, and other areas of the mind or heart that have not been truly realized.

The EAGALA Model in action:

By creating a hands-on environment, the client has the opportunity to interact closely with the horses, allowing them to analyze and draw connections from their own lives. By providing a space designed around physical safety, emotional safety, and personal truth, the EAGALA model facilitates the intellectual understanding needed to experience profound emotional reflection.

We look forward to sharing this unique and rewarding experience with you.

For more information on EAGALA, we encourage you to visit their site at: